Matthew Levy interviews coach Dave Nast

#7: What You Think About, Comes About: The Power of Positive Thinking with Dave Nast

    In episode #7 of the Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast I interview Dave Nast.  Dave is a workplace behavior expert and award winning business coach with over 25 years of experience in human capital management, executive coaching, leadership development, corporate training, talent management, career coaching, executive search, talent acquisition and human resources. Questions […]

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The Rocking Chair Test: A Philosophy for Living Your Life – Podcast #6 Guest: Mark Soufleris

   In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Mark Soufleris. Mark is senior vice president at the Toft Group, specializing in executive searches for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. He understands the needs of clients exceptionally well, having spent nearly 30 years working with pharmaceutical companies to successfully commercialize life-saving products for significant […]

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Restless searching for purpose or calling

Are You Restless, Searching For Your Purpose? This Technique Will Help You

I was listening to a fascinating interview with Soman Chianani, bestselling author of the young adult book series, The School for Good and Evil.  He shared an interesting technique (10:35 of interview) for rediscovering (notice the wording, rediscover, not discover, because we all have it within us) your purpose, your life’s task. Anytime I come […]

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Eliminating non-essentials

The Ultimate Solution for Busyness.

I’ve been (and still am) a really busy person. I have said it a thousand times.  When a friend or co-worker asks me how I’m doing, I automatically respond, “Things are great.  I’m reeeeaaaaallllyyyy busy!” I’m not lying.  I’m running a million miles per hour (aren’t we all?) between entrepreneurship, volunteer work and exercise, while […]

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