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What Is Your Favorite Place in The World and Why? The Importance of Prioritization

I regret not making time to enjoy more of life .  Mistakenly thinking that travel is fleeting, I’ve always placed a higher prioritization on other things.  Looking back, this was a bad move by me. Disneyland is not my favorite place.  Crowds, lines, cranky kids.  In fact, I remember my son losing his mind at Disneyland due […]

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Personal Accountability to Achieve Your Goals Podcast #4 Guest: Ben Bowman

  In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast #4, my guest is Ben Bowman who talks about several topics including the importance of personal accountability and goal-setting. Ben is the founder of Sweat Equity Group a business growth advisory firm that helps organizations identify the right strategy and team alignment that ensures productive and sustainable […]

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How Do You Make a Dream a Reality? Podcast #1 Guest: Robb Hoyle

In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Robb Hoyle, founder and president of GTS, a recruiting company specializing in the life sciences, engineering and manufacturing industries. Robb started GTS in 2013, and since then has brought on 60+ clients in 23 states.  GTS has grown 135% in 2016 alone. In addition to GTS, […]

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