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#10 Pivoting, Grinding, Disrupting: Lessons from a Successful Entrepreneur with Raymond Lee

  Matthew Levy’s Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast examines courage – what it is, what it isn’t, how to summon it – in our lives and work.   Join Matt and his guests for insightful personal stories about success and useful advice on how to overcome fears, failures and limiting beliefs to pursue a bold vision. Each […]

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Matthew Levy interviews Rob Fazio

#9: Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can’t – You’re Right with Dr. Rob Fazio

In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Rob Fazio, Ph.D. Rob is the Managing Partner at OnPoint Advising specializing in global leadership and organizational success. He partners with leaders, top teams and organizations and teaches clients how to remove barriers to organizational effectiveness and to function at optimal levels. Rob is the founder and […]

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Matthew Levy interviews Jason Magidson

#8: Get started! A Journey of a 1,000 Miles Begins With a Step with Jason Magidson

 In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Jason Magidson, Ph.D. Jason Magidson writes on and is passionate about workplaces where people feel truly alive. These are workplaces where employees can create something great together, feel valued, and love coming to work. To share his learnings, Jason has authored three books to date. […]

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Matthew Levy interviews coach Dave Nast

#7: What You Think About, Comes About: The Power of Positive Thinking with Dave Nast

    In episode #7 of the Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast I interview Dave Nast.  Dave is a workplace behavior expert and award winning business coach with over 25 years of experience in human capital management, executive coaching, leadership development, corporate training, talent management, career coaching, executive search, talent acquisition and human resources. Questions […]

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The Rocking Chair Test: A Philosophy for Living Your Life – Podcast #6 Guest: Mark Soufleris

   In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Mark Soufleris. Mark is senior vice president at the Toft Group, specializing in executive searches for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. He understands the needs of clients exceptionally well, having spent nearly 30 years working with pharmaceutical companies to successfully commercialize life-saving products for significant […]

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We are the Lucky Ones…Overcoming Adversity – Podcast #5 Guest: Dr. Derek Gearhart

 In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, you’ll be privy to a discussion between two people who had similar near death experiences and their resulting post traumatic growth as well as other lessons they learned. I interview Dr. Derek Gearhart, a sports medicine chiropractor, triathlete, cyclist and marathoner with over 10 years of experience. […]

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Personal Accountability to Achieve Your Goals Podcast #4 Guest: Ben Bowman

  In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast #4, my guest is Ben Bowman who talks about several topics including the importance of personal accountability and goal-setting. Ben is the founder of Sweat Equity Group a business growth advisory firm that helps organizations identify the right strategy and team alignment that ensures productive and sustainable […]

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The Importance of Execution in Business & Life Podcast #3 Guest: Joe Homan

  In Summon Courage, Change Everything Podcast #3, my guest is Joe Homan.  We discuss the importance of execution in work and in life. Joe is the founder and president of Edspire Incorporated. Joe is an innovative and high-energy pharmaceutical operations leader, offering progressive global experience integrating learning and development with business process improvement. Questions […]

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What Makes You Come Alive? Podcast #2 Guest: Paul Curci

  In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast Episode #2, I interview Paul Curci, Principal, The Curci Group. Paul works at the Intersection of Strategy and Human Development as well as organizational change. Paul looks at business performance through the lens of communication, leadership and strategic alignment. Founded in 2008, the Curci group is a […]

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How Do You Make a Dream a Reality? Podcast #1 Guest: Robb Hoyle

In this Summon Courage, Change Everything podcast, I interview Robb Hoyle, founder and president of GTS, a recruiting company specializing in the life sciences, engineering and manufacturing industries. Robb started GTS in 2013, and since then has brought on 60+ clients in 23 states.  GTS has grown 135% in 2016 alone. In addition to GTS, […]

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