The Importance of Execution in Business & Life Podcast #3 Guest: Joe Homan


In Summon Courage, Change Everything Podcast #3, my guest is Joe Homan.  We discuss the importance of execution in work and in life.

Joe is the founder and president of Edspire Incorporated. Joe is an innovative and high-energy pharmaceutical operations leader, offering progressive global experience integrating learning and development with business process improvement.

Questions asked and answered:

What led you to start your own business?

What are some things you’ve learned along the way?

Are you devoting yourself to something bigger?

How do you manage to convert a dream into a reality?

How do you continuously keep your positive energy and not run out of gas?

Does a positive attitude makes a big difference in life?

How are you able to handle self-doubt?

What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self?

How do you maintain focus and avoid getting overwhelmed?

What phrase or quote would you put on a billboard for all to see?

Have you experienced failure?  If so, what did you learn from it?

Podcast show notes:

2:04  Joe talks about his background and about the journey that led him to start Edspire Inc.

4:56  Joe discusses how he summoned the courage to start his company.

6:04  Lessons learned along the way.

7:51   Joe discusses his long held dream of creating a charity.

10:02 The process it takes to resolve your plans.

11:29 Joe tells discusses his book ‘’Do, Move and Communicate’’ and the process he undertook to write it.

15:52  The importance of keeping boundaries and priorities to manage your daily life.

16:50  Joe tells about the motivational speakers he most respects.

17:55 The importance of attitude.

29:03  How to combat self-doubt.

23:04 Joe and Matt talk about one of their favorite books ‘’Man’s Search for Meaning’’ by Viktor Frankl

26: 40 Joe’s advice to his 21 year old self.

28:25 Joe talks about his admiration for To Love a Canine TLC, an animal shelter.

29:20 Matt and Joe discuss the book Essentialism by Greg McEweon.

30: 11 Joe tells us his favorite quote.

33:21 Joe’s parting advice.

Joe can be reached at: 


Email: [email protected]

Buy the book: Do, Move and Communicate

Click here to learn more about the D.R.E.A.M action plan discussed on this podcast.

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