What is the Key to Overcoming Adversity Time and Time Again?

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How being given 90 days to live was the best gift I could have received – the second way.

In the first post in this series, we discussed how leading with a sense of urgency will help you achieve big goals in work and in life. No kidding, right? But it isn’t easy to act with urgency, otherwise we would all do it all the time.

It’s programmed by our brains to be difficult to act with urgency because our brain is simply to keep us safe.

Great, now you have some tools to act on ideas but…

…that isn’t good enough because you are sure to face adversity. What is the key to overcoming adversity time and time again? Resiliency.

When you learn to be resilient you push through fear to accomplish your big goals which otherwise would be left for “tomorrow.” Notice how “tomorrow” never comes?

Increase Your Resiliency by Aligning to Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you find your calling, when you figure out how to devote yourself in some way to something bigger than yourself, your resiliency goes up! Why? Because you find the resolve to push through adversity.

Andrew Shatte has been studying resilience for many years. In this TED Talk, he explains that it isn’t what matters now, it’s what matters next that builds resilience because you feel so committed to what you want to accomplish.

Say what you want about Mark Zuckerberg, but Facebook has been successful because of his drive to connect the world. Apple feels similarly in their mission to improve their customers’ lives. And Elon Musk wants to save Earth but lessening our demand for fossil fuels.

The good news is you don’t have to be a billionaire to connect with something bigger than yourself.

For me, I decided to dedicate myself to helping people and organizations achieve big goals by through a variety of ways, one being helping people overcome their own limited beliefs. This devotion helps me stick with it and overcome adversity because I know I can’t let down my clients.

In summary, there are two important days in our lives: the day you were born; and the day you found out why. Have you found out why? When you do, your resilience will sky rocket.

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Summon Courage, Change Everything.

P.S. Here is the third way being told I had 90 days to live was a gift.

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