What Life Lesson Do You Wish Everyone Was Taught in School?

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“No one can hurt me without my permission.”  – Gandhi

The quote from Gandhi above would be a great lesson for children in school.  Bullying is an epidemic but if we could teach our children that words can only hurt you if you allow it, the bully would likely move on.

The lessons in the classroom correlate to the boardroom.  There are always going to be naysayers.

For example, some people have questioned my decision to step away from a Fortune 500 career.

I reply that I was sitting for too long in my comfort zone.  This routine created an average, successful life for me; while there is nothing wrong with that, I wanted to live an extraordinary life instead…and to do that I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone to explore all my capabilities.

When you listen to the naysayers you wind up living the life that other people expect you to live.  No thanks, not for me, not anymore. When you listen to other people, their mission becomes your mission.  Where does that leave your mission? I would like for all the children in school to learn this. You are the authors of your life and you are the only ones in charge of it. Never forget that.

What life lesson do you wish all kids were taught in school? Share your thoughts below to engage in a conversation.

#CourageQuestions are a series of blog posts where I pose random thought-provoking questions and answer them genuinely.  These are questions which we rarely take the time to ask ourselves and thus rarely have a chance on which to reflect.  I hope that you will answer these questions for yourself – and add it to the comments below.

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