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Personal Manifesto

The Summon Courage Manifesto

  A personal manifesto.  What rules do you live by?   The Summon Courage Manifesto Acknowledge fear. It’s impossible to get through life without experiencing adversity. We are defined not by how we react when times are great, but instead by how we respond when times are difficult. Vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s […]

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Restless searching for purpose or calling

Are You Restless, Searching For Your Purpose? This Technique Will Help You

I was listening to a fascinating interview with Soman Chianani, bestselling author of the young adult book series, The School for Good and Evil.  He shared an interesting technique (10:35 of interview) for rediscovering (notice the wording, rediscover, not discover, because we all have it within us) your purpose, your life’s task. Anytime I come […]

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